Land Law

➔ Land registration of properties.
➔ The formalities related to obtaining a certificate of ownership or co-ownership or the entry of a mention on the land title.
➔ Requests to update frozen land titles.
➔ The drafting of a promise of sale or a definitive deed of sale relating to real estate registered on the land title.
➔ The drafting of acts of clarification and acts of sharing.
➔ Drafting of mortgage contracts.
➔ Completion of formalities aimed at obtaining the governor's authorization for acquisitions of real estate in Tunisia made by foreigners. (Decree of January 04, 1957 relating to land operations and law n ° 40 of 05/11/2005, supplementing the decree of June 4, 1957).
➔ The drafting of agreements concerning the right of passage or the usufruct.
➔ Judicial division of joint property.
➔ The defense of the interests of our clients in their actions aimed at maintaining their rights of possession on a building or a real property right.
➔ Appeals for the suspension of acts which would cause disturbances against the rights of possession over real estate.
➔ The presentation of ordinances on requests for the appointment of an expert whose mission is to assess the value of real estate belonging to heirs, a company, an association, etc.
➔ Procedure for the sale of real estate at auction.
➔ The acquisition for the benefit of our customers of housing or buildings subject to auction sales.
➔ The work of re-establishing the terminals and the preparation of plans by certified expert surveyors.
➔ Formalities to have a copy of a topographic plan filed with the Office of Topography and Cartography (O.T.C).
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