Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method whereby the parties agree to submit their dispute to an arbitral tribunal generally composed of 1 or 3 arbitrators.

As an arbitrator

Drafting the terms of reference:
Once appointed as an arbitrator and having accepted the assignment, the arbitrator must draft certain acts such as terms of reference. It is a document that brings together all the details of the trial.
Drafting of acts of acceptance of missions:
When a lawyer is proposed to be an arbitrator via a report, he / she must reply either by accepting the mission or by refusing it. It can be done either by drafting an act of acceptance of the mission or by making a verbal report including the acceptance or reasons behind his/her refusal of the mission.
Drafting of arbitral awards.
Leading the hearings:
Being an arbitrator imposes several obligations such as leading hearings, receiving testimony, closing pleadings.

As a lawyer / counsel

Drafting of notices of arbitration:
To submit disputes to an arbitral tribunal (ad hoc or institutional), the claimant's lawyer must draft and submit a request for arbitration that is called "notice of arbitration" to the secretary of the arbitral panel.
Exchange of reports between the parties' lawyers:
The lawyers of the parties draw up reports indicating their requests and their arguments and must exchange them among themselves and submit them to the secretary of the arbitral panel.
A hearing is usually set for the pleadings during which parties' lawyers are going to present orally their arguments in form of submissions and conclude with submitting their final requests.
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